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Name Comment Donation
Margaret and Eric PB Good luck Martin, carry on biking! 30.00
Ralph Bartington Keep the bullets flying! £20.00
Rachael Coutinho You will love the food £10.00
Stuart Harris   £10.00
Tom Jones   £10.00
Steve Morton Brilliant, sounds like a great adventure. £10.00
Rodge and Ronni Stubbs GOOD LUCK FROM ROGER AND RONNI XX £50.00
Jack Phillips Well done mate. Part of me wishes I was with you....another part is bloody glad I'm not! Don't forget, gear lever on the right!!! £100.00
Mary Dundas How exciting to be setting off on an adventure like that. £10.00
Ralph Goodson   £100.00
Janet Kent   £10.00
Lisa Kotecha   £10.00
Agent Spargo   £10.00
Max Geldeard   £10.00
Graeme Norton   £20.00
Sean Reynolds All the best. Take it easy...Easy rider! £10.00
Val Hill   £10.00
Pete Coyle I don't do clicking mate £50.00
Heidi & Steve Nugent Hope you don't suffer from saddle sore tooooo much! £30.00
Keith Rainsley   £25.00
Steve Wickham   £30.00
Mick Ahearn I hope your bottom doesn't suffer too much £20.00
Bob Pike   £20.00
Paul Drysdale   £10.00
Thomas Thomas   £10.00
Kevin Moloney   £20.00
Mike Batt   £10.00
John Seaton   £10.00
Margeret Nugent   £15.00
Janice Royal   £5.00
Auntie Eve   £5.00
Kevin and Leanne Fanklin   £20.00
Paul Lambourne   £50.00
Mark Western   £25.00
Annette Lee   £10.00
Robert Foxon   £10.00
Adrian Olejniczak   £10.00